Saturday, November 10, 2007

Randall Munroe (xkcd author) comes to CMU

Randall Munroe came to CMU to give a talk yesterday. It was the most attended talk of the semester. Randall's talk was fantastic -- he said that he is trying to fill part of his bedroom with plastic balls (like in one of his cartoons). He also drew two mini-cartoons while talking, which was very cool. Finally, he set two very useful standards. First, he declared that punctuation need not go inside quotation mark (eg, did she say "I love you"?). Second, he declared himself president of the Internet (so that another evil person wouldn't take it.

I guess what I really like about Randall's talk (and about XKCD) is that it's a way to relax and reflect on being a tech person. It feels like The Daily Show for geeks.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

New reCAPTCHA APIs: i18n and Theming

We're really proud to announce the release of two new APIs for the client side.

Internationalization For users of our default theme, we've added a way to request the display of the user interface in a different language. We've translated our UI and help page into the following languages


We're looking into getting translations for other languages. If your language isn't supported, you can use the theming API to allow you to customize the user interface.

You can take a look at an example of internationalization at:

Theming The ability to customize the appearance of reCAPTCHA has been a frequent request. Our Theming API allows you to completely customize the way reCAPTCHA looks. For example you can see a demo at:

In this demo, we show how you can completely remove the UI of reCAPTCHA and make a non-themed interface. You can use this as a starting point for blending reCAPTCHA into your site.

More information To get more information about these new APIs, look at our client API guide: