Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Trends

Google Trends is a really cool service. In case you don't read Slashdot, it gives you stats on who searches for what. Some are rather interesting, for example, you can find out what the popular Linux distros are in different parts of the world.

suse   fedora   ubuntu   debian   
Around the World

In the US

In Germany

Google Trends also has great tastes in education.

Carnegie Mellon University   Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Anonymous said...


hey this is cool, thanks for posting! (I'm a GNOME Planet reader.)

The first thing I entered was "sex, religion" to compare those two. While the result might not be surprising at first, I was stunned when I took a closer look at the results by city/region... ;)


Anonymous said...


btw: it's -- without the slash at the end.

Ben Maurer said...

Be careful about short words like sex. They tend to mean other things in other languages. For example, there are lots of people searching in arabic. This suprises me a bit.

For example "mit" means "with" in german.

C. Rebert said...

Actually, MIT is more popular. If you use the universities' more popular (according to Trends) acronyms MIT and CMU, MIT wins by a large margin.
Not that CMU isn't great. Just setting the facts straight. ;-)

Ben Maurer said...

Again, mit == with in german. If you look at the languages tab, all the mit searches are german.

Erik said...

Hate to damper the MIT vs CMU conversation, but University of Illinois really crushes the two combined.

paradisos said...
hier noch mal auf detsch