Saturday, April 08, 2006


I will be interning at Google this summer in the AdWords anti-fraud team. This is a really exciting opportunity for me.

I'd like to publicly thank my friends and colleagues on the Mono project for the fantastic learning experience I've had over the past three years. There are a few people I'd like to give an extra-special thanks:

  • Sebastien, for guiding me through my first project, BigInteger.
  • Atsushi, for guidance on the project I'm probably most proud of, the XSLT engine.
  • Paolo, for code reviews that have begun to teach me the meaning of "good style" (and I admit, I'm still learning).
  • Miguel, for believing in me and being a great mentor/friend/boss.
I'll still work with Mono on the side and stay in touch via IRC and email.

If you are a college (or high school student) reading this, I would like to give you one piece of advice. Get involved in an open source project. It will be the best choice of your life. Even the world's best computer science schools are very bad at teaching you what you really need to know to get work done. CS classes teach theory, not how to write good code. Hacking on open source software is the best way to be a smart programmer. Open source projects are more than happy to take on a dedicated hacker, even one who makes mistakes at first. Hacking will be the best decision you ever made. Your chances of getting an internship are greatly increased by working on OSS.

As a side note: for those of you who missed my previous blog because pgo wasn't picking up my feed, I'm going to GUADEC. Be prepared to kill bloat.

(I promise performance blogs are coming soon. Really)


Jacob Scott said...

Ben, how about a post on what we talked about and how you may want to use your time on things other than hacking ;)

sharp-nauta said...

Definitivamente.. you are the best!!!.
Saludos desde PerĂº.