Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pornography And CMU

Interesting email in my in box this morning. The SCS Frosh Advisor emailed the list that a student asked for an IC point [1] to be offered for watching an adult movie that is being shown at CMU.

Historically, it has been found that if CMU published in the schedule of movies that it was shoing an adult film, some local media would make a fuss about it. So, a semi-secret code was adopted that adult films would be listed TBA. I say semi-secret because Google knows what this means. My advisor decided not to offer an IC point (even though one of the tasks had been "watch a movie at cmu") for the TBA movies, reasoning that he should try to avoid "CMU Advisor Encourgages Porno" in the local tabloid^Wnewspaper (of course by blogging that I've somewhat circumvented this ;-).

One piece of advice Rich gave was that when he was a student at CMU he attended a showing of _Deep Throat_ and found that the effect of watching porn was reduced by watching it with a large group of students in a large auditorium. Sounds logcial.

[1] For background the IC is the SCS frosh imigration course. In order to pass this course we must attend almost all of the (sometimes boring) weekly guest lectures. We must also earn "IC" points which are basically proof that we did things other than sit in front of a computer. The point list is here

EDIT: at Rich's request I've removed the original email

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