Saturday, August 20, 2005

Off to college

On Sunday, I'll be going off to college:

Carnegie Mellon

One week of orientation (the schedule is literally 40 pages long. Hopefully, there is a list of important things :-), and then classes. I'll have to start programming in Java. Given that I convinced the CS department to let me into a fairly advanced class, it would probably be a Good Thing to know how to write a "hello world" in java by the first day of class. How long will it take me to get used to javaCase? And then how long before I leak javaCase into CSharpCase? I wonder if I could get away with using Mainsoft's stuff and claiming that my c# code is actually Java.


Boris Kirzner said...

Good idea, Ben!
I thought to use Grasshopper in my latest study project, but decided to gave up, since I already know Java. So, you still have the chance to become the Grasshopper pioneer in the academic field :)

rafaelmizrahi said...

Ride-On Ben,
spread the news.
Mainsoft MVP

Anonymous said...

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