Thursday, August 18, 2005

Msdn Browser

Browse msdn without an insane treeview and without an insane browser. Source is here. It's only 220 lines, you can read it really quickly!

Left to do:

  • Integrate into monodoc
  • Make it handle T:System.String style links in monodoc (would allow it to replace the default class ref).
  • Handle clicking links inside the msdn content area
  • Greasemonkey-like modifications of MSDN's content
    • Remove syntax for VB, etc.
    • Remove the msdn footer
  • Use a cache for the xml
    • Would be cool to use mozilla's cache here. That means I can avoid writing my own policy for caching.

This shows off some cool Gtk# 2.0 features (the tree node stuff) and some cool C# 2.0 features (the delegate stuff). Also, I am using a very cute hack, the xml serializer, to read the data.


Adolfo said...

This is a trully remarkable example of the power of mono at only 220 LOC. Great job :-).

M Kenyon said...

Hey... don't remove VB stuff. If you must do anything, make it optional.

PC said...

Cool stuff :)