Saturday, August 27, 2005


Am at the CMU campus:

In the center is Hamerschlag Hall. The large tower on the right is Pitt's Cathedral of Learning. The ugly looking slab on the right is Wean Hall, the CS building.

Abstract art at Carnegie Museum of Art (cmoa):

Still CMOA, but now much more fun. Who said adults can't enjoy the children's section.


Sam said...
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Sam said...

How's the area down in Pittsburgh? Outside of campus, I mean. I'm Californian, but I was thinking of applying to CMU this year. (UC Berkeley's CS building is actually uglier.)

Did you pick CMU because of it's CS program?

Sam said...

By the way, it seems the URL for Pitt requires the annoying "www." prefix.

Ben Maurer said...


I haven't explored Pittsburgh much yet. But I really like the CMU campus. You have to consider that it is an island in Pittsburgh. The campus is green and has trees. I was in Boston over the summer basically on the MIT campus -- it is very different. There is no real campus, but just buildings in Cambridge. But to give you an idea of the stuff around here, CMOA was 5 minutes away by foot.

I actually didn't visit/apply to anywhere in CA. I picked CMU primarially because of it's CS program. Now that I've been on campus for a week, I think I made the right choice.

Feel free to email me any other questions.

-- Ben

Jackson said...

Rumour has it that that is your girlfriend.